Super Simple DIY Halloween Wreath

Super Simple DIY Halloween Wreath

Psst..  I'm going to be sharing even more Halloween goodies, party ideas, and a home tour before Halloween! Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter so you don't miss it! I'm not Martha Stewart. I do not wield a glue gun with confidence, or have any super cool tools to make mind-blowing crafts. In fact, when I first tried to make a Halloween wreath I ended up with krazy glue on my fingers for a … [Read more...]

Whoops! My Apologies + FREE Printables

Blue Budget Envelope Inserts from Aprons, Trainers, and Bibs

I have a shop! It's cute, I love having it, and everything is free/has a discount code available to make it free! It's just a fun way to share my printables with everybody, and make it simple to download whatever you want! HOWEVER: It's small, so I run it all myself, and am in charge of everything that entails. Which sometimes leads to little hiccups! Today a lovely reader brought to my … [Read more...]

Why I Love Him Wednesday’s {2}

Why i Love Him Wednesday's

  WILHW will be taking a break next Wednesday as I have a fun Oktoberfest recipe coming your way, subscribe below so you don't miss that, or my next WILHW! Okay, I am loving this series idea!! It's so much fun sitting down and not having to think about crafts or recipes, or browsing Pinterest, but just getting to meditate on the love of my life, and what makes him so special to me! … [Read more...]

One Simple Trick to Increase Happiness & Productivity

increase happiness and productivity

I remember way back when cell phones were basically only cool because they had a fun pixelated snake. That was cool back then. Now a days there are over 1 million apps available in the app store {and there have been over 60 billion app downloads!} to choose from! That's a lot! And I've always been that girl who downloads all of these new cool apps just to try them out and try to find the best, and … [Read more...]