Tuna & Sriracha “Sandwiches”

Tuna and Sriracha Cucumber Sandwich

I love tuna. Seriously, if I had to choose one food to live off for the rest of my life it could easily be tuna and crackers. My weakness. Unfortunately, crackers aren't all that great for you. So I thought why not replace the tuna with something a little healthier, but it will still give me that satisfying crunch I crave! And ta-da, tuna and sriracha "sandwiches" were born! Tuna & Sriracha … [Read more...]

Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Moving {Even When the Weather Sucks!}

Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Moving - Even When the Weather Sucks

It's fall! Woohoo! Which means it's beginning to drastically cool down, and in some places gear up for snow, it's even raining here today! You obviously can't let your little ones go run around in the sprinklers while it's pouring rain. So how will you get out all of their energy so they don't drive you slightly crazy all day? Here are some fun suggestions to get your kiddies blood pumping, and … [Read more...]

Surviving Doomsday: What To Do When Mom Gets Sick

Surviving Doomsday - What to do when mom gets sick

Yeah, yeah, I know. You fathers reading this are laughing. "Mom?! Sick???"  I can hear your guffaws from here. It would be like a mini-apocalypse. But, it's been known to happen, from time to time. We can't spend every waking hour with toddlers, infants, and children, without contracting something. So when that day does come {from here on out "that day" will be referred to as Doomsday}, how do … [Read more...]

10 Easy Cleaning Habits You Can Do In 15 Minutes

Easy Cleaning Habits 15 Minutes or Less

I'm a mom. Oh, sorry, if you don't speak mom that roughly translates to "my house is always a mess and I'm not really sure how it gets that way". I always want to take care of the house, clean it up, give it some TLC, but I never felt like I had the time! Then it hit me. I have the time, I just spend it on dumb stuff. Do I really need to spend 10 minutes flipping through Pinterest? Or could I … [Read more...]

My Top Secret Weapon to Clean Anything

My Secret Weapon to Clean Anything - Aprons Trainers and Bibs

**This post is brought to you in part by BabyEcos in partnership with Disney Baby, who hosted a lovely event and provided bloggers with free product for us to test ourselves. All opinions and viewpoints are my own. For my information please see my Disclaimer & Terms here.** BabyEcos hosted a phenomenal event last Wednesday at the Discovery Cube in Orange County. It was darling. Before the … [Read more...]