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No Shortage of Success

Untitled No Shortage of Success

When I attended FitBlogLA back in October, one of the speakers (I can’t remember who for the life of me) shared a quote with us, that they had heard, that has seriously changed my life.

“There is no shortage of success.”

It just speaks volumes to me. I love this quote, because it applies to every single tiny aspect of life, not just business (or blogging) and if you keep it in mind it can really help you fight for happiness. Ready to break it down?

If you really look at it, people’s desires, life, the whole shebang, all (most) people want is just to be happy, and most people see that as being successful. Whether in their career, their marriage, as a parent, socially, etc. It all really boils down to the key word, success.

What’s something that can make a lot of people throughout their lives feel hurt, insecure, angry, or bitter? Feeling like there isn’t room for them to succeed if somebody else does. Whether in a job or in a friendship this happens all the time. What really happens here? We look at Carly and Samantha’s great friendship (i.e. they’re successful in their friendship) and immediately think that there isn’t room for us in that friendship (i.e. we cannot also be successful in a friendship with either of them). Which simply isn’t true! But our insecurities want us to think that others success guarantees our failure! I promise that is never true (unless you’re in the final three of Survivor, in which case this entire post is wrong and I don’t know why you’re reading this in the first place you should be strategizing).

J has quite a few good friends that are also professional boxers. A few months back one of his good friends got offered (and ended up signing) a great contract and was telling J all about it. At first J and I were jealous and mad, like most people are when they see others reaching success that they so badly want for themselves. Then I heard this quote and our entire way of thinking changed. Once I shared it with J we both became happy and very supportive of his friend, instead of getting jealous J realized there’s room up top for both of them and that he doesn’t have to be angry and tear his friend down to make room for himself. We never would have guessed it either, but just a couple of months later we’re now in our own talks with two amazing managers that we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work with if we had just stayed bitter and resentful! God works in some crazy ways people, and sometimes instead of saying “why not me??” and trying to drag somebody down, you just need to support them and work hard to get where they are.

This quote has obviously worked wonders on my attitude and life, and I hope it can do the same for you. I’ve gone from being jealous and vindictive to genuinely happy for others, and if they have some kind of success I want, I just try and emulate them. It’s really such a stress reliever knowing there’s no shortage of success!

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