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I’ve always loved crafts, since way back in Girl Scouts when Gigi (year after year) was the arts & crafts leader, I have always loved making crafts! It’s just so fun and gets that creative part of your brain pumping!

Now, on the flip side, I always hated the word budgets. They’ve always sounded scary and just plain boring. Then I entered the real world and thanks to my lack of one for way too long I realized how important they are! Even though I realized their importance I still struggled with actually implementing a budget. I mean, what does that even mean? Instead of actively and carelessly spending $200 a week you tell yourself you’ll save 10% (but if you really need to spend the “savings” then that’s okay too)? Cause that’s what I did. Spoiler alert, that doesn’t work very well.

I figured out that I had a legitimate problem with budgeting and started googling (what else do you do when confronted with a problem?!) and stumbled across Dave Ramsey and his “7 Baby Step” program to living debt free financially sound lives. I loved it. It all made sense to me and I’ve used his tips ever since I discovered them.

No, this post is not a plug for Mr. Ramsey, just my obsession with one of his tips, and how I crafted my own cute version!

The biggest takeaway I have had from Ramsey’s budgeting tips would be his envelope system. I seriously swear by this method and tell everybody to try it! Instead of cards (which I can’t keep from overspending like it’s my job) you have cash in each envelope that you budget out every week or two. It’s awesome. J and I have joint finances and accounts, it’s been that way for some time now, and when we started this system we both were like wow, we actually have money! We have envelopes for spending (like date night, new shoes, etc), Christmas (this is just a temporary envelope because of the season so we don’t have to dip into a different envelope for presents for each other and our friends/family), groceries, gas, savings, and a separate savings for our little guy that we put a minimum of $20 a week into.

Like I said, since trying this system it has been really paying off for us. And today when my boy’s where both napping I finally got a chance to make pretty little labels for our envelopes!

photo 3 1 Crafts and Budgets

I am so obsessed with them! They take the envelopes from ugly and boring to cute and functional! Seriously, love these little labels! I “laminated” them with clear tape (because I’m too cheap to really laminate anything) and glued them to the envelopes, then punched two small holes in the bottom of the envelopes and bound them with a pretty brown ribbon!

photo 4 1 Crafts and Budgets

photo 32 Crafts and Budgets

I can’t stress how in love with these I am. It makes me want to spend money just so I can whip these babies out and show ‘em off!

I have every label that I used below for y’all to download yourselves! Free of charge of course! If you’d like a different label just comment below and I’ll do what I can! (They’re all pretty big, so you can resize them yourself to whatever size you need!)


gas Crafts and Budgets

groceries Crafts and Budgets

spending fixed Crafts and Budgets

christmas Crafts and Budgets

savings Crafts and Budgets

To download the labels just click and when the full size one opens up either right-click + save (PC) or just drag to your desktop (Mac)!

So what do y’all think? Do you use the envelope system or are you strong-willed enough to handle plastic??

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  1. says

    I think it’s fun that you added a decorative touch to your envelopes! We’ve been using a mostly cash system for a few years and it’s done wonders for us. I’m a Dave Ramsey fan, but we were actually doing it before we found his stuff. It’s nice when you figure something out on your own and then have it confirmed by someone making money off the advice. I hope you continue to love your envelopes for a long time and that they bring a little extra joy to the budgeting process for you.

    Happy Sharefest. And best wishes for a wonderful new year.
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  2. says

    These are so cute! Very crafty. :)

    I still use my plastic debit card, BUT–I actually have two. I opened a separate account at a secondary bank when I started doing lots of freelancing online because I didn’t want my main bank account hooked up to PayPal and my online shopping debit card–yeah, I’m one of “those” who is very suspicious of online risk! :P

    So now that my paycheck is set up on direct deposit, a large set amount goes into my savings, a large amount goes into the main debit card at bank A for the bills and life necessities, and a small set amount goes into the secondary card at bank B for any “me” purchases. Having such a small amount available on that second card prevents me from going nuts with online sales or impulse buys. If I make a little freelancing in a given month that will also go directly into that second card and then I have a little extra to spend on myself, or I can move it into savings to put toward a big ticket fun item (like vacation).
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    • Aprons Trainers and Bibs says

      That’s great! J and I aren’t able to do that haha. We are BOTH huge risks hahah, so having the cash all divided up each week is nice cause we can see exactly how much we have left! Lucky you being able to handle your cards so smartly! :)


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