New Year’s Resolutions and a Giveaway!

dermalogica giveaway1 New Years Resolutions and a Giveaway!

I know that a lot of women (maybe men too? Idk) see the New Year as a time to reinvent themselves! And why not?? New Year, new you! Use it as a metaphorical clean slate, and have at it ladies! In the spirit of this new year makeover I have partnered up with the wonderful people over at Dermalogica to give y’all some fun gifts to really start 2014 off right!

They are seriously a phenomenal brand that I can’t rave about enough! I use everything of theirs, from their moisturizer to their sunscreen Solar Defense Booster, Dermalogica does it all and they do it all well. So I’m really really thrilled to be hosting a giveaway with them, especially with how generous they are being!

The giveaway prize is a New Year, New You package from Dermalogica (approximately a $160 value) that a wonderful rep put together specifically for one of my lucky readers! It includes:

1. Special Cleansing Gel

2. Multi-Active Toner

3. Skin Smoothing Cream

4. Solar Defense Booster SPF 50

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Good luck everybody!

Now onto the resolutions!

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Happy New Year y’all! I love the New Year. I get so excited (I don’t know why) when things change, and the New Year is no exception! It’s weird. Whatever.

I had a great New Year’s Eve with J (our first one together)! I went out with him and my good friend who’s home for winter break! We just went to a couple of bars in Old Town Pasadena and watched the countdown, drank champagne, the usual, just a nice celebratory night!

Now that the New Year is upon us, it’s time for all those well thought out resolutions to start being put to use! Yay! And I thought what better way to motivate myself to stick to them than to share some of mine (I have quite a lot haha, so I just picked a couple) with y’all, and you’re welcome – encouraged even! – to do the same in the comments below!!

1. See at least one girl friend at least every other week

I don’t know about y’all, but I can get super busy and distracted, especially as a mommy, and suddenly weeks can go by before we realize we are in desperate need of a get together! One of my best friends, D, and I managed to go six months without seeing each other at all. We talked daily, just couldn’t make time to get together! And I hate that! I love my girls and need to make time for them!

2. Come up with a solid organizational system for the room

My room is almost always a disaster. There are clothes all over the floor (dirty ones) and piled neck high on my chair (clean ones), toys scattered so badly it’s like a minefield, and random boxes full of stupid sentimental stuff that I really don’t want but will cry if I get rid of (you know what I’m talking about). So thanks to all this hazardous, messy, very un-zen chaos my room is hardly the “oasis” that it is meant to be. Which I intend to change this year! Along with completely redoing it (repainting it, refurnishing it, you name it!) I want to figure out a way to help it function better!

3. Learn a new language

This one is just for fun! Everybody, especially us mommies, should take some time out of our year to do something just for us for the heck of it. No rhyme or reason, just ’cause! So I figured why not really dedicate myself to learning a new language and see where that gets me?? Treat it like I would treat a class in school and see how far I can progress in a year’s time! It’s just fun, and just ’cause!

4. Stick with my new blog series

A big goal I’ve set for myself this new year is getting organized, in every aspect of my life, and I plan on doing a thorough and comprehensive series so that y’all can follow along with me! So I’m making a strong new year’s resolution to stick with that!

There, those are just four of my resolutions!

What are some of y’alls resolutions for 2014??

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Thanks to Dermalogica for providing the prize for this giveaway. Other than that, this post is not sponsored and all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. says

    I love the first two goals on your list. Both things I need to work on. But resolutions never work for me. Instead, I choose one word to guide me for the year. This will be my third year doing it this way and it’s worked wonderfully for me in the past. My word for the year is CREATE. I’m super excited to see how this year unfolds.

    Happy Sharefest. And best wishes for a wonderful new year and much success with your goals.
    misssrobin recently posted…Creating the World of My DreamsMy Profile

    • Aprons Trainers and Bibs says

      That’s great! Create is the perfect word too! :) I wouldn’t be able to do that, I would have too many words!

    • Aprons Trainers and Bibs says

      That’s great! Create is the perfect word too! :) I wouldn’t be able to do that, I would have too many words!

  2. says

    My first visit on your blog and I totally related with all those resolutions you make. I somehow *suffer* ( if you call it that way) the same stuff and can not resolve. Think starting out your way is a good idea :)

    Also, super excited about the giveaway. Wish I get lucky. <3

    Oh and you look gorgeous in your profile shot. :)

    Defiant Princess

    • Aprons Trainers and Bibs says

      Well welcome! I hope it isn’t your last! ;) I’m glad! HAHA suffer. Well so do I!

      Good luck!

      Thank you so much! Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. says

    I have a goal to get organized this year too! And 2014 is the year it is really going to happen. It’s not going to be like all those other years. Anyway, I look forward to seeing the progress you make on your goals. And have you decided which language to learn yet?
    heidi recently posted…Advice on Dating a Geek GirlMy Profile

    • Aprons Trainers and Bibs says

      That’s great! We can help each other figure it out! HAHA yes, I’ll ACTUALLY stick to it this year ;)
      I’m between French (because Grandmother is from there and my mom’s side of the family all speaks it) or Spanish (because that’s way more practical in Los Angeles haha)

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