10 Tips for Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss

top10tips2 10 Tips for Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss

When I was at Fitness Magazine’s Blogger Meet & Tweet the speakers all had some great tips and tricks for weight loss, to get it going and to make sure that you build habits that are sustainable! Some of them were seriously awesome! So they inspired me to put together a list of my Top 10 Tips for Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss!

1) Eat real fruit as an alternative to fruit juices, says trainer Harley Pasternak

Did you know juicing really isn’t that good for you? The process of juicing causes the fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens to lose most of the nutrients that you normally get from the fruit, and the calories will increase anywhere from 200 – 600%! I know, right! That’s because when you juice you rarely get enough juice from one orange. Normally eating one orange (about 80 calories) is enough for our body because we also get the fiber and nutrients from it, but one orange hardly produces any juice! You’d need anywhere from 3-8 oranges for juice!

So if you’re craving some orange juice, apple juice, or any other juice, next time try to reach for the real thing! You’ll feel a lot more satisfied with a lot fewer calories!

2) Use the apple trick

“An apple a day keeps the…” No! Not that one!

This is a great trick for combating bored/emotional eating and really easy to start now! If you find yourself craving some junk food, ask yourself if you could eat an apple right then. If you could, then you’re actually hungry and should eat something! If you couldn’t, then drink some water and go for walk!

I love to use this trick when I’m craving sweets, but with dates instead! Because of how sweet (yet filling) dates are I love snacking on them instead of candy! They’re so filling that if I’m not actually hungry thinking about them is not appetizing!

3) Give Alyse Levine’s fork tip a try

Many people (myself included) eat way too fast for our bodies to even have a shot at stopping us before it’s too late (read: before we have a food baby). This tip does a great job at slowing you down! Alyse shared this one with us and it was a total lightbulb moment, like why didn’t I ever think of such a simple solution before??

When you are eating a meal, if there is food in your mouth you shouldn’t already have your next bite prepped on your utensil.

That’s it! How simple is that??? I’ve totally caught myself breaking this rule, so try being mindful!

4) Drink more water

One of the biggest ways people hinder themselves when trying to lose weight is not drinking enough water! Not only does it keep your skin pretty and healthy, it helps you avoid bloating and the confusion of “am I really hungry or just thirsty?” that we often suffer from. Fun fact? By the time you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. So drink up ladies!

5) Walk at least 10,000-12,000 steps a day

Harley talked a lot about how important it is to be more active, and a good goal to help us move more is 10,000-12,000 steps a day! It’s hard. I’m not going to lie and pretend this is easy haha, but it feels good! A bonus to walking and being more active (as opposed to running miles and miles) is that we don’t try to reward ourselves for walking. Women love to reward themselves (if you’ve taken a spin class I guarantee you know what I mean) but when you walk you don’t think “wow I just burned hundreds of calories, I deserve a margarita and this huge cake” you just feel like you normally do! This is like the best tip of the bunch, just more difficult than the others. It’s a difficult one for me to implement, but I’m making a huge effort this year! Don’t get too obsessive with it though! It’s not that big of a deal if you don’t hit your target each day!

6) Portion control

I was talking to a friend of  J’s the other day and he was telling me how a few months ago he was on this strict training regimen and eating pretty healthy foods, and he couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t losing the weight. Then he realized that he was eating too much of it. He figured since the food was healthy he could indulge to his heart’s content and it wouldn’t matter, but it does! So watch those portions and make sure that even when you make the switch to healthy foods that you aren’t over doing it and sabotaging yourself!

7) Start getting in touch with that stomach

Your body has a lot to tell you, most people just don’t know how to communicate with it or prefer to tune it out. Don’t. One great way to start picking up on cues from your stomach that Alyse suggested is dividing up your food! When you sit down for a meal divide everything into 1/2 or 1/4! (i.e. your veggies, your serving of meat, your grains, etc, all divided into four mini servings!) Then start eating! After each 1/4 that you finish take a minute and check in with your body. Are you really still hungry or could you get a doggie bag for the rest? This is a great tip because it really helps you to stay mindful! It also comes in handy at parties and the holidays! I promise if you stick with this you won’t have to unbutton your pants halfway through Christmas dinner! icon wink 10 Tips for Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss

8) Try and avoid the tube

Don’t eat while watching TV! You are way more likely to zone out (losing touch with your body) and just mindlessly eat… and eat… and eat. Which will leave you feeling unsatisfied (because you weren’t savoring it and hardly even noticed you were eating it) and wanting more. Doesn’t matter if it’s a snack or a meal, just try to avoid watching TV while eating anything! If you insist on watching TV, at least try to stay mindful while eating and using some of the other tips!

9) Everything in moderation people

No, eating a baked potato will not make you gain 50 lbs. Eating a candy bar won’t even make you gain one. However, overdoing either one of these will greatly undo any progress you’re making anywhere else in your fitness routine. It’s all about moderation. You need to eat for the abs you want, but don’t neglect your mental health. If you’re going crazy because you can’t stop thinking about that breakfast burrito from the café down the street, have one!

10) Plan, plan, plan!!!

I can’t stress this one enough. How many times have you thought “I’ll make a great healthy lunch when I get home from my errands” and then ran late with your errands, gotten home when you’re absolutely ravenous, and just eaten whatever is quick and convenient? I know I’m very guilty of this!

There’s this very cliché saying “if you fail to plan then you’re planning to fail”. It’s cliché because it’s true! Plan out your meals! I cannot stress this enough! Your budget and your waistline will thank you.

On top of planning your meals out I highly suggest planning your “cheats”! It’s a heck of a lot easier to eat healthy and ward off cravings when you know you’re going out for wings and drinks later in the week!

There ya have it folks! My top 10 tips for healthy and sustainable weight loss! There are tons of tips out there all over the internet, but I feel like these are the best and easiest to carry out and to make a part of daily life! Lots of quick fixes are just that, quick fixes, that are almost impossible to maintain. I feel that these 10 are the opposite! I hope you have as good of luck with these as I have!

How are y’alls resolutions going?? Any of y’all have any other great tips to make health and fitness a sustainable habit this year??

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    • Aprons Trainers and Bibs says

      That’s great! It’s crazy how something as simple as water can have such a huge affect on our bodies!

  1. says

    I’ve taken my health for granted for far too long and decided that 2014 was a year for change. These are not only great tips…they are manageable. This is what I look for in a weight loss article. Weight loss and fitness is something that I struggle with and I know that unless I take it one step at a time, chances are I won’t stick with it. I started walking every single day…and it feels good. It’s a small step, but at least it’s a step forward. I think I will try the water tip next. (I pinned this post)
    Tami recently posted…2014 Resolutions/ProjectsMy Profile

    • Aprons Trainers and Bibs says

      Tami, thank you so much! That was my big tipping point too, not my clothing size, but what I was actually doing to my body! Your comment has seriously made my day, I’m happy my post was so helpful! I’m seriously so flattered! Walking is a GREAT start! Small steps are still steps, keep it up! I look forward to seeing your progress throughout the year!

    • Aprons Trainers and Bibs says

      AH really?? I’m surprised I didn’t stumble across you when I was researching the event hahah!
      And thank you!

    • says

      I had gastric bypass in July and all of these trick and tips are exactly what my doctor said i needed to do and when I thought about it, it was something everyone needed to do. Put your fork down between bites, no watching TV while eating, when you are eating out, order and immediately ask for a to go box so you can pack up half of your dinner for the next day, that way you aren’t overeating. I’m not a picky eater by nature, but surgery has changed that obviously, but I always try to order something that will reheat good the next day.
      Lisa Williams recently posted…Before and After – Not For The WeakMy Profile

  2. says

    Very helpful tips. I’m struggling with the water part. I just can’t understand why I’m not getting enough water. I mean, I do everything you can imagine: buy water bottles, fill them up, place them at strategic places in my house, put lime/lemons in ‘em…etc. But I’m just not thirsty. Any forceful drinking and I feel like throwing up. Seriously, lol. Any tips?
    Maggielola recently posted…Weekly Supper: More Than EnoughMy Profile

    • Aprons Trainers and Bibs says

      Haha it’s tough, but you just get used to it! {On the training plan that I’m on I have to drink a GALLON of water a day :O} If you’re having trouble maybe try drinking anytime you feel hungry first! That way you can get some water in before you’re too full!

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