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This post will be 100% me, 100% real, and probably not too pretty. But who cares? ‘Cause I’m willing to bet most of you will be able to relate! I almost didn’t even want to do this series, but if I can help even one other person, be it a mommy, a blogger, a college kid, whatever, then I’ll be happy! If one other person out there can read this and laugh at themselves – and me! – and say “hey, I do that too!” I’ll have done my job!

I promised y’all a great new series to get us through 2014, and here it is!

GITATB Organize Your Life with ATB

One of my goals this year, probably my biggest, is to get organized! Because I just can’t handle feeling overwhelmed.

Like, at all.

When I feel overwhelmed I just avoid things. I would rather sit on my tushie (sorry, I have a toddler) and watch cat videos videos on YouTube than actually attempt to re-do my entire room, or create a fitness/meal plan, or organize the mess of a spice rack. Those are scary (read: overwhelming) to me. Even daily chores can pile up and start freaking me out, the dishes peaking over the edge of the sink, the clothes didn’t all fit in the drawer so now they’re piled on the couch, you get the picture. So I instinctively avoid them with meaningless and less terrifying tasks, like Pinterest, or eating.

Sometimes I even get so exasperated by putting away clean clothes that I’ll pretend they’re dirty and re-wash them, or just throw them back in the hamper for an extra week. I just laughed out loud at the fact that I’m about to publicly admit that. But I’m hoping it makes you laugh too, then it’s less weird, right?

I have even been guilty of setting munchkin up in front of the TV while I try to fit blogging into my schedule. Seriously, I’m not exaggerating. I can’t even handle organizing my time.

I’m not one of those people who’s good at that kind of thing, I never have been and I’ve never pretended to be. I have to constantly fight my instincts, otherwise I’d be obese and never have clean clothes or see the floor of the house or spend time with my friends and family.

That’s why I want to make 2014 a more organized and structured year. I’ll do a series (for as long as it takes) on organizing and getting my life together, and y’all can follow along with me while I fumble around trying to figure it all out! Whether it’s a time management demon, or an overflowing pantry demon that you’re battling, I’ll be there fighting the good fight with y’all, ever week, and posting all about it!

Whatever I’m doing, reorganizing the closet, teaching you how I meal plan & budget, time management, or just sharing some inspiration for the next big remodel we’re planning, I’ll be sharing all the inspiration and tips & tricks here with y’all on my new series Get It Together!

Join me right here, next Friday, as I tackle repurposing little man’s changing table!

Caitlin Signature Organize Your Life with ATB

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6 thoughts on “Organize Your Life with ATB

  1. Karen Main

    Oh yes I did have a giggle, my visual of you absorbed in cat videos while the washing pile gently tips over did it. I find mess breeds mess, it becomes like a magnet and everyone in the house loves to add to it. There is the pile of papers left ont he table that gets pushed out of the way to eat dinner and then added to bit by bit until a paper monster seems to be joining us for meals. Yes yes I get it.
    Good Luck with the closet.
    Karen Main recently posted…Following the most pure, honest guide I have ever discovered.My Profile

    1. Aprons Trainers and Bibs Post author

      Are you reading my mind or are we just extremely similar??
      Thank you! I’ll let you know how it goes next week!

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