The Husband’s Secret Book Review

loved this book. Liane Moriarty is one of my favorite authors, and this book is just a testament to that. It’s hauntingly beautiful.

liane moriarty The Husbands Secret Book Review


It’s one of those books where it tells the story through different characters points of view, and then ties it all together and they all intersect in a big dramatic climax. Liane Moriarty does an amazing job of that in this novel! I really can’t share much without giving anything anyway, so I’m keeping this brief.

Can you imagine if your husband wrote you a letter, “to be read in the event of his death”, and you found it… When he was still alive and well?? Seriously, just the premise of this book is genius. I mean really, what would you do??

Liane has written a gripping and though provoking novel about the human desire to confess. She actually said {I think in the afterword? I can’t remember where I read this} that she was inspired to write this book when she heard about a man on his death-bed who confessed to a murder, and then he ended up living, and was punished accordingly haha! But after hearing that she was fascinated by the idea of deathbed confessions {and how common it is} and the human need to get things off our chest before we die. It is a brilliant concept. And she executes it flawlessly.

This is a very well executed novel. It wasn’t predictable or boring, and it was so touching. I honestly cried quite a bit. As a mother I was especially touched, which is why I wanted to write about it for Mother’s Day!

Please check this book out it’s so worth the read!

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